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Its a while ago since ServoyCamp 3 was held in Assen, the Netherlands. But now all the presentations which where held are available to download for...
We're very proud to announce the ServoyCamp 3 program with the current available speakers and content!ServoyCamp 3 is going to be a very educating...

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Hi, personally I never knew how the connection pooling exactly was working in the Servoy Application Server, and what numbers to use in what situation.

This is what Servoy does default:

Johan, nicely explained this on the Servoy Forum:


Connection pooling works like this:
at the moment a client (smart or web) does a query, it takes one from the pool if there is 1 idle. (if not it will create one) then if it is done it puts it back into the pool and it keeps idle connections until the max idle count

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Hi there,

ever wanted to get rid of those ugly blue servoy-webclient tabpanels?

resulting in this sexy looking tabpanels:

this can be done, solution-wide in a few simple steps, want to know more? Read on.... :-)

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Hi all,

I am looking for sponsors for the BrowserSuite:
I would like to stabilize the last issues on Mac OS X for v1.0, but am facing a problem because Christopher Deckers, the author of the DJNativeSwing library has no Mac to test his library.

Some parts of his lib are really complex (especially the native calls), and he is the only one who can really fix all this. In the past, we spent entire week-ends on skype sessions with trial/errors but he has no visibility for his part, and I'm the one doing all the tweaking and endless tests on Mac, which is not that practical (he lives in France so there is a 6h delay in our communications).

Christopher recently said that if only he had a Mac to test it he would be able to find workarounds for much of the current issues.
Maybe there are people around with a recent Intel Mac sitting in a corner who could make a donation?

Otherwise I would like to open a subscription to sponsor him with a Mac mini.
This little thing cost 800 euros in France, which is roughly US$ 1000, so if I could find 10 people willing to contribute that wouldn't be too much of an investment for all.

Right now 4 people already said they would help with up to $100.

Would you be contributing too? If so please tell me by replying here or by sending an email to admin at servoy-stuff dot net
I will publish the list of the sponsor here and on ServoyForge.

Thanks in advance,

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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new ServoyForge site.

The mission of ServoyForge is to organize Servoy Open Source projects into a centralized community-owned platform.
It will enable talented Servoy/Java developers to contribute more easily and will offer innovative Open Source components to the Servoy community at large.


ServoyForge is already:

  • the largest repository of Servoy Open Source components (plugins/beans/solutions/modules)
  • a brand new collaboration platform for everything Servoy Open Source Software (SOSS)
  • best-of-breed tools tailored for the management of Servoy development projects
  • a site built by the community for the community, by developers for developers
  • the place where YOU TOO can share your ideas and projects with a team of Servoy and Java developers all over the globe


Check out and bookmark ServoyForge at .
Register at ServoyForge now ( and get ready to boost your Servoy development projects!

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For some time a few developers (including me) were struggling getting i18n values, created in Servoy 5 developer into the (development) database.

Before Servoy 5, i18n keys were directly created in the database messages table, but since Servoy 5 the location of the keys changed to files in the eclipse workspace. So in order to get the i18n values into the database, an export and import of a solution was needed.

Too much hassle for me, so I made this little method .

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